Starting Out


You can start at any training session without prior advice.

The class starts promptly so it is strongly recommended that you arrive around 10 minutes early for your first lesson so the instructor on hand can give you a brief description of the teaching.

An instructor (wearing a black shirt with a club logo on the left side) will introduce themselves, cover any queries you may have about the club and explain how the class will work.


We recommend that people wear loose comfortable clothing to start and running shoes/ joggers/ trainers as well since our Kung Fu system is quite mobile and people have gotten blisters in the past from bare feet.

A uniform is required after grading to white belt.
The club uniform is simply long black pants and a white t-shirt with the club logo.

Previous experience

Previous martial arts experience is not necessary when you join our club. We cater for a wide variety of students of varying experience, skill, age, etc.

Required Fitness

The club caters for all walks of life and the training at the club will build on what level of fitness you already have. During the training students will build strengthening, resilience, dexterity and cardio fitness. There are also conditioning exercises which focus on toughening parts of the body that will most likely be struck during training.

Class Structure

The Monday and Saturday classes are structured classes where students train with their grade instructor (e.g. white belt students with the white belt instructor).

Wednesday classes are called 'workshop' classes. During a workshop class students of all grades will train together under one of the clubs senior instructors.
The instructor will train a central theme or concept relative to training and will be applicable to all grades.


The Martial Arts Gym is currently undergoing renovations.  Please see the 'Training Times' Page of  this website for details of temporary training locations.

All training sessions are held either in or around the UQ Sports & Fitness Centre, shown on the map below:

Please zoom on the blue pin point to locate the venues.

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