Lei Quan Gong

"A martial arts style is defined by the problem it seeks to solve, and the quality of a martial artist is measured by the earnestness with which the practitioner applies him/herself to the solution."

Source Unknown.


Fundamental Concepts

Lei Quan Gong Kung Fu is a style focussing on the Art of Survival.

Practitioners at the Club learn and develop through the application of the style to the challenging problem of surviving realistic encounters with both single and multiple opponents.

This focus on the Survival Spirit and the awareness of multiple attackers distinguishes Lei Quan Gong and The University of Queensland Kung Fu Club as a unique Art and training organisation.

Through studying the Art, the practitioner of Lei Quan Gong learns to extend and move beyond personal barriers, be they physical or psychological, to see the reality of one's circumstances.

Lei Quan Gong is a system which has small, quick, relaxed, flowing, circular movements for manoeuvring and also the strong, brisk, muscular movements of harder styles.



Within the fighting art, the concern for physical size has been minimised and the aspects of attitude and skill stressed.

We do not train for competition at the Club, but test our training in various random individual and group attack scenarios of varying degrees of pressure depending on the proficiency of the student.


Surviving the Group

It is often the case that self defence situations involve more than one opponent, therefore requiring a solution that extends beyond the one-on-one context.
It can be seen that learning a system that incorporates group attack survival is of prime importance if one wishes to learn true self-defence.

 At its highest expression, Lei Quan Gong is a profoundly creative, intuitive and spontaneous discipline practically suited to these situations.
Moreover, while martial arts is the great vehicle of learning in Lei Quan Gong, many unforeseen rewards accrue along the way, and skills learnt surprisingly carry over into many other aspects of life.

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